Digital Clock

* 1. Digital clock with pictures that change in the background, determined by seconds or milliseconds.
2. Digital clock with numbers that flip overtime.
3. Digital clock that shows each time increment as cubes, and
these cubes will flip over as time goes on.


1. As time goes on, a video of a cityscape (timelapse) will
play - the time of day will also determine which video will
play (ie. day vs. night).
2. Timelapse of various photos of the sun in the sky, plus
sunrise and sunset.
3. Time lapse of various photos of decay overtime.


1. Graphics (sun, moon, stars, etc.) come in and go out based on what time of day it is.
2. Different colored rings represent each increment of time.
3. Graphic move around the clock in a circle. Background
color/image will be determined by what time of day it is.