User experience (UX) is the process of design that provides a meaningful and personal experience to the user. In class, we discussed how to start redesigning a very flawed donation form and the outcomes. The three elements that failed in terms of UX design were the Donor’s information, the donation amount, and the honorarium and memorial donation information.

Participants were asked what information they wanted to see on donation pages that would encourage them to donate. Their responses were “The organization’s mission, goals and objectives” and “How exactly they plan on spending the donations.” These two questions are key factors in determining if a visitor will donate their money to the organization.

The first part of the flawed donation form that needs redesigning is the donors information section. At first glance, it appears like you need to give up alot of your own information before you can donate which may turn away potential donors. This form can easily be reduced. Firstly, the first and last name should be on a single line with an option to remain anonymous. Company, Address 2, City, State, Country and contact information should be deleted. Address 1 and Zip Code should stay. These two are the only information needed as the zip code could automatically generate the city and state information.

The second part that needs redesigning is the donation amount section. This section has two unnecessary options in the form of “none” and “other.” Why is there a “none” option if you plan on filling out a donation form? The other option, “other,” is also unnecessary since it is repeated on the next line with a fill in box. The new design should get rid of the amount buttons and just keep the fill in box. This way it will not pressure visitors into donating a set amount such as $50 or $75 and instead make them feel like they are still in control of their money.

The third part that needs redesigning is the honorarium and memorial donation information section. There are some unnecessary information the form is asking for that I feel should be left out. The new redesign should get rid of the acknowledge Donation to, address, city, state, and zip code. The only information that should be kept in this section is the type of donation and their name. The last section, “Additional Information” should be completely removed.


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