Card Sort Moderator script


My name is [_________________]. This is [__partner__]. We are students in the graphic design program. Thanks for agreeing to participate. We really appreciate it. We should be here for about 5-10 minutes.


If you don't mind, I'm going to read the next couple of things from my script to make sure I cover everything.


We are working on a redesign of a preschool website. As part of the process we want to make sure that real users - people like you - can find the information they need on the site. 


I will give you a set of cards with tasks on them, and I'd like you to sort them into groups for me, based on which tasks you think go together.


There are no right or wrong answers. I'm just interested in how you think the items should be grouped. At the moment I don't want you to think about the hierarchy of the groups, just which items go together. I'm doing this with lots of different people, and the results will help us design the structure of the site.


There's one thing you can do that will really help me as we go though the session today. I'd like you to think out loud. By that, I mean while you are sorting the cards, I want you to tell me what you're thinking as you go along. For instance if anything seems hard to sort, or if you are trying to work out where something goes, say those things out loud.


So, let's get started. Remember, I'd like you to create groups of cards, and to think out loud as you do so. Here's the stack of cards. [Hand cards to participant] Let's spread them out on the table, and then I'd like you to start putting them into groups. Remember, you can change your mind about where you place a card at any point.


[Issues that might occur during the sort]

[If participant thinks card should go in two places]

I'd like you to choose the one you think it fits best in, and I'll make a note of the other location so I can use that information in my analysis later.


[If participant asks how many groups to create]

You can create as many groups as you want, but please try to make sure that each group has at least three cards and no more than around eight.


[Issues that might occur after the sort]

[If groups larger than 10 items after all cards placed, ask to regroup]

I notice that you've got a pile there with a lot of cards in it. Can you split that pile out into smaller groups?


[If many groups of only 2 items, ask to regroup, but don't insist]

I see that you've got several piles with only a couple of cards in. Do any of those piles group together into larger piles?


[After grouping]

Now, here are some blank cards and a pen. I'd like you to give each of your groups a name, using your own words.


[After sort]

Now I'd like you to tell me about the groups you created.

'      What is the overall pattern here? [What structure did they use/emerged as the basis for the groups]

'      Were any groups difficult to create? Why was that? [Suggests items that may not fit well together]

'      Were any cards difficult to put in a group? Why was that? [Suggests items that may not be structurally related]  


Thank you. Your feedback has been very helpful.


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Feel free to change the wording of this script so that it sounds natural when you say it. However, remember not to use words like 'test,' 'subject,' or 'evaluate.'


You may also need to change the wording of the gratuity section based on the type of gratuity that you are offering.