We believe that folkloric dance, music and art is essential to a healthy community, demonstrating the infinite possibilities for human expression and potential, and facilitating communication within and across cultures. Centro de Folklor will promote the traditional arts by providing the infrastructure for dance, music and art instruction, creation and exhibition.


Centro de Folklor will provide instructional classes in the traditional and cultural arts to a diverse demographic. It will be reach the community it represents.

Core Values


Centro de Folklor is committed to make Centro de Folklor feel like a home away from home. We are committed to a welcoming atmosphere.


Centro de Folklor is committed to building community within the participants of the Center as well as local, regional, state and national events.


Centro de Folklor will strive for excellence in quality of customer service, advertising, instruction and performances.


Centro de Folklor will be rooted in the tradition of the people of the community


Centro de Folklor will be rooted in tradition, but open to creative and evolving interpretations.