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A cultural colossus fit to rival anywhere in Latin America for history, gastronomy and colorful manifestations of indigenous culture, Oaxaca is a complex but intensely attractive city whose majestic churches and refined plazas have deservedly earned it a Unesco World Heritage badge. Lovers of culture come here to indulge in the Mexico of Zapotec and colonial legend. Flowing through handsome yet tranquil streets, life pulsates with an unadulterated regional flavor. See it in the color palate of historic boutique hotels, a meet-the-producer artisan store or an intentionally grungy mezcalería (plying locally manufactured alcoholic beverages). But what makes Oaxaca especially interesting are its undercurrents. While largely safe and attractive by Mexican standards, snippets of political protest in recent years have lent the city a grittier edge. It bubbles up in satirical street art, bohemian bars, or been-around-forever street markets. Trust us; there’s far more to this city than just pretty churches. Ecotourism, fluorescent lagoons, lush mountains, archaeological sites, colonial treasures, culture, crafts, gastronomy, folklore, parties and many more great experiences will set the tone of your vacation in Oaxaca.

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Oaxaca offers its guests a wide array of activities to keep busy during their vacation. Most of the area's activities involve nature in one way or another. Tours to the nearby archeological sites, mountain biking and hiking tours in the mountains and valleys that surround Oaxaca will satisfy the outdoor types.

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