1. Too Much Information

There are too many fields to fill that i think are unecessary.

The form should be simplified into 4-6 fields. In a donation form, we do't need all the information that the person have. All we need is Name, Address, City, State, and Email Address.
Having a long form would only confuse the user and adding more cost in making the website.

2. Donation requries a legit amount.

In a donation the should not put "None" as an option because it took the meaning away. Also the design is ugly and it's harder for user to fill.

Having a sperate page or from just showing the donation helps the user to understand. Also, having a suggested amount will help the user to see that this is what most people put and they will tend to donate the same amount as them.

3. In General Ugly and Uneffective Design

The form is too long and there are a lot of information that we don't need. We don't need the "Honorarium and Memorial Donation" and the "Additional Information" fields.
However, there is a good point that they put. They use the "3-Step" in their website, which is: "Donation", "Confirmation", and "Thank You!" step.

If we simplify the content and still use the "3-Step" process, it will make the website better and easier to use.