WebVR Work by: Mai Thao

The Story of Happy!

A-Frame 05/10/17

The final project for WebVr. Applying elements of graphic design to WebVr. I did a 360 storybook that uses the same character from my other projects: Happy! I thought it would be nice to be able to read a story using your eyes, instead of flipping pages.

How to Stay Positive!

A-Frame 03/13/17

VR and Graphic Design. A 360 animated infographic. Complications include text and transparency of certain images.

Happy! :)

A-Frame 02/22/17

Experimenting with triggered/constant animation, textures, and text.

Balloon Girl!

A-Frame 02/13/17

Experimenting with transparency and animation.

Makeup Goodies.

A-Frame 02/06/17

Experimenting with textures and rotation.


A-Frame 02/01/17

First experiment with primitives, textures, and rotation.!