VR Projects by Martina Her

Candy Land

Being limited to only primitive shapes, I was able to create simple objects such as the lollipops and a tower of chocolate cubes. Other shapes such as the rainbow, clouds, and ice creams were more tricky to come up with. I also decided to add silly pictures of Cara Delevingne to add more to the tone of the whimsical environment.


I was thinking about how people can use vr to experience movies' vr environment. I created a hall of moive posters where the user could interact with any movie poster, which activates the movie's own vr environment. Therefore, the user can be fully experience the tone and feel of the movie before purchasing a movie ticket.


I was inspired by the A-Frame example with the music. So I wanted to create something similar where there's music playing. I wanted to incorporate abstract shapes and colors that would match the tone of the music being play.

CJ's Stuff