Feral Paws Rescue Group

Welcome! We're glad you love cats, too!

Paula Hunsaker

Board President, CEO and Founder of Feral Paws Rescue Group

Paula began Feral Paws Rescue Group in 1999, and became an advocate for feral cats by starting a feral cat program at several state prisons in California. Paula was in law enforcement for 30 years and retired to do rescue full time in 2011.

Paula says, "Cat rescue is what I call stepping off into the dark side of the cats that are in high kill shelters.It is heartbreaking to enter a shelter and know that I can't save them all. It is through donations that we operate our rescue. We are contacted daily by shelters who would like us to save their cats. We have worked with shelters in Southern California and Bakersfield, as well as our local CCSPCA and Liberty Animal Control. We have pull-rights at shelters in: Madera, Chowchilla, and Tulare. We also participate in cat transports with different groups in Oregon."

Our Mission

We are an advocacy organization that is dedicated to the protection of cats, and specifically follow a no-kill advocacy. We rescue as many cats as our funding allows, in particular those cats that are in high kill shelters who only have less than five days to survive. We strive to promote progressive polices for cats in communities that know nothing about feral cats, TNR, spay/neuter, or only have high kill shelters. We also further our outreach by helping those people in communities who are interested in starting a TNR program. As we move forward, our outreach will expand.

We are a rescue, not a shelter. We do not kill any animals here at our rescue. In fact, we do not advocate the killing of animals and wish all shelters would adopt a "no kill" policy. Many of the animals that we rescue end up living out their days here, as some are not adoptable, which may be due to their age, medical issues, socialization issues, or inability to handle children or other animals. Some are also pets that have been unwanted by relatives when their owners have passed on.

We try to facilitate the adoption of all animals referred to us that we feel would be good companions. Also, we try to help those that are in transition to find foster homes while they are seeking permanent adoption. You should know that we are very selective about which animals we bring into our rescue so that they will adapt well with the ones already residing here.